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How to use Fusion Mineral Paint from Prep to Finish

Ever wondered how to use Fusion Mineral Paint from Prep to Finish? Grab your FREE printable now and start painting | | #printable #DIY #fusionmineralpaint #paint #furniture #raggedybits

I get lots of questions about How to use Fusion Mineral Paint from Prep to Finish. So I thought that I would share with you the best way I have found after using this yummy paint for many years. The most important thing that I have found is that prepping your piece is so important to ensure that your piece lasts. If you’re new to painting furniture, you put a lot of time into each piece and really want to enjoy it. So starting with a clean fresh canvas is always a must.

How to Use Fusion Mineral Paint From Prep To Finish


Fusion Mineral Paint available here |


Supplies needed:



Ever wondered how to use Fusion Mineral Paint from Prep to Finish? Grab your FREE printable now and start painting | | #printable #DIY #fusionmineralpaint #paint #furniture #raggedybits


Step 1 – Clean Your Piece

If you happen to come along to one of my BYO Piece Fusion Mineral Paint Workshops  I always get my clients to thoroughly clean down their pieces with TSP. This ensures that your piece is free from dirt and grime and creates a nice clean canvas ready for you to create your magic.



Sharing how to paint a Farmhouse Sideboard using Fusion Mineral Paint, Champlain and Heirloom colours and get a nice distressed look | | #fusionmineralpaint #champlain #heirloom #diy #paintedfurniture #raggedybits


Step 2 – Remove any High Gloss Paint or Varnish

Using your 220 grit sandpaper and sander remove any gloss or paint. This opens up the pores of the wood and gives allows the paint to adhere. You can see further details of this farmhouse sideboard I made over for a client recently by clicking on the link.



Ever wondered how to use Fusion Mineral Paint on ceramics? Sharing a fun tutorial on how to and add some farmhouse charm to dated pieces |



Step 3 – Apply Ultra Grip of painting on Glass, Plastic, Laminate or Metal

The beauty of Fusion Mineral Paint is that you can pretty well paint on anything. The Ultra Grip works a treat on Glass, Plastic, Laminate, Metal and Ceramics. Feel free to check out how I painted these cute little ceramic bird candle holders or how painted 2 plastic mirrors.



Using an old pallet make a super easy DIY Rustic Farmhouse Pallet Table Runner | Full Tutorial |


Step 4 – Seal with B.I.N Sealer and Primer


If the piece that you’re working on is redwood or has any knots in it always seal with B.I.N Sealer and Primer. This prevents the dreaded bleed through.



Using a thrifted plate, book pages and a frame see how I made a fun Vintage Farmhouse Book Page Thrifted Plate Frame | | #bookpage #frame #vintage #farmhouse #raggedybits #fusionmineralpaint #champlain #DIY #old


Step 5 – Always check to make sure your piece isn’t sealed with wax.

If your painting over a surface that has been sealed with wax remove with mineral spirits and then lightly sand. The way to tell if it has been sealed with wax is to scratch it with your fingernail and see if there is any build up.


A fun Happiness Is Homemade with Love Thrifted frame to make using Fusion Mineral Paint and Tissue Paper | Farmhouse Tissue Paper Frame | | #frame #thrifted #fusionmineralpaint #tissuepaper #DIY #sweetpickins #topcoat #raggedybits #farmhouse


Step 6 – Apply Beeswax Stick if Distressing and Start Painting

Grab your beeswax stick and apply to parts of your piece where you don’t want the paint to adhere to.  Choose your favourite Fusion Colour and start painting.



This old cupboard had had a good life and been good to us for many years. Finally it has been given an Old Farmhouse Cupboard Furniture Makeover using Fusion Mineral Paint |


Step 7 – Start Distressing!

Using your 120 grit sandpaper and sander start distressing. Once you’re happy with the desired look either wax or use hemp oil to seal in all your hard work. If your piece is a high use piece like a dining room table or kitchen cupboards seal with Tough Coat instead of the wax or hemp oil. This just adds an extra layer of protection for wear and tear. Let cure overnight before placing your piece in its new home!
For a tutorial on How I distressed this Farmhouse Cupboard simply click on the link.

Ever wondered how to use Fusion Mineral Paint from Prep to Finish? Grab your FREE printable now and start painting | | #printable #DIY #fusionmineralpaint #paint #furniture #raggedybits


So grab your PREP To FINISH Free Printable and your favourite brush and get started.
Happy Painting!!

Be sure to PIN for later!


Ever wondered how to use Fusion Mineral Paint from Prep to Finish? Grab your FREE printable now and start painting | | #printable #DIY #fusionmineralpaint #paint #furniture #raggedybits

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  1. Dear Sam, I am so looking forward to using the fusion paint with your expertise tips. I have a guest ion about my piece. It is a brand new vanity that I bought on line which is already green. Like I said “brand new”. To use my midnight blue paint, must I sand, strip it or anything else before I paint? I’m thanking you in advance for your advice. Elaine

    1. Hi there Elaine, So sorry for my very late reply!!! I have been in hospital over Christmas and the New Year and just getting through my emails etc.

      Are you planning to distress your piece?

      If so yes you may want to strip back so that you don’t have any of the green coming through.

      But if your planning on not distressing just make sure your surface is clean and give a light scuff up with some 120 grit sandpaper to open up the pores and give the paint something to adhere to and paint away.

      If the paint surface has a glossy finish I would scuff up and then also give a coat of Fusion Ultra Grip as this gives you a nice canvas for the paint to adhere to and prevent from peeling.

      Hope that makes sense! Please feel free to ask away if you have any more questions 🙂

  2. I bought a cheap dresser and am going to paint it with the rose gold. The previous owner sanded it and there are some kid of fuzzy spots where they got down to the particle board. Should I prime before painting or will the paint level put and hide that? Also, do I need to topcoat or is the mineral paint pretty durable?

    1. Hi there Lisa, Thank you so much for your questions!! Because there is a difference in the surface that you would be painting on I would highly recommend using a wood filler to pop on the fuzzy bits and then lightly sand back to get a nice smooth level surface all ready for you to paint on. If your dresser is going to be used a lot yes for sure go ahead and give it a coat of top coat for extra durability. But there is already a built-in top coat in Fusion so if it’s not going to be a highly used piece then you should be right with the paint colour that you chose. Also if you decided to distress or anything like that because you have opened up the pores of the paint again you will need to seal it again with either wax or the topcoat. Hope you have fun painting your dresser and would love to see your finished piece!

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