French Script Side Table

French Script Side Table

DIY French Script Side Table |
I am slowly making my way through my pile of goodies that I have stored in my studio and this gal had to be one of my most favorite pieces to give a makeover to!


DIY French Script Side Table |

So armed with my coffee, sander and paint lets get to work! 

A list of goodies you’ll need:
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* Sander -with 180 and 120 grit sandpaper
French Script Paper found on the Graphics Fairy and printed on A4   paper
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad – Vintage Photo
* Chalk Paint – I used my Duck Egg and Milk Coloured chalk paint
* Wax
* Ruler and a pencil
* Scissors
I gave the entire piece a quick once over with my sander with the 180 grit sandpaper just to remove any lumps and bumps and just to make sure the chalk paint adheres, not that I have had a problem thus far with it but I want my makeovers to last a long time!
DIY French Script Side Table |


I then began, using my 2 1/2 inch paint brush to give the entire piece 3 coats of my Duck Egg Chalk Paint, leaving the drawer fronts, sides and the front cupboard inside the framed area. Using my smaller 1 1/2 inch paint brush I applied 3 coats of my milk coloured chalkpaint to inside the framed areas.

DIY French Script Side Table |

Once dry, I hit the entire piece with my sander but this time using the 120 grit sand paper. I made sure that I paid particular attention to the edges as I wanted a nice heavy distress look. I gave all of the white areas a light sand to give a nice smooth surface ready for the French Script paper.
DIY French Script Side Table |
I then went around the edges of the A4 French Script paper using my Tim Holt Distress Ink Pad to give the paper a nice aged look. Then using my ruler and pencil I marked out each panel, cut them out and used the foam brush and Mod Podge to apply to the inserts. Making sure that there were no air bubbles.
HINT: Use an old store card to burnish the paper in a circular motion to remove any air bubbles starting in the center and working your way out to the edges.
DIY French Script Side Table | 
Once the Mod Podge is dry apply another 2 coats for protection, ensuring that each coat is dry in between.
Finally apply wax to seal in all the yummyness!
DIY French Script Side Table |
After all that hard work it must be time for another coffee!
Until next time,
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  1. Thank you Amalia! That's a great question! It's just one of those feelings I get when I look at something and BAM the lights are flashing and my mind doesn't stop buzzing until I have it out of my head and the makeover in complete! xx

  2. I love this makeover so much, I've chosen it as my favorite link at this week's You're Gonna Love It Linky! Thanks so much for linking up! (I'm also going to feature it on facebook later this week so look for the tag!) I LOVE IT!!!

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