Quick Easy Homey Vases

Quick Easy Homey Vases from plain jars that you can find from around your home | www.raggedy-bits.com
 Who else is guilty of hanging onto old jars??? I know I certainly am! I just LOVE all the different styles of jars available! Small ones, big ones, shapely ones….. All interesting in their own unique way.I just wanted to share one way you can make them into Quick Easy Homey Vases.

Quick Easy Homey Vases

This post contains affiliate links so you can also use the same products that I love using too.

They are ALL perfect for all sorts of crafty things.From painting the lids and using them to store your crafty items or simply paint them to make a collection of sweet Homey Vases.

* Various sizes of glass jars
* 3 different coloured Chalk Paints
Once you have all of these goodies together let the fun begin!
Firstly I put all the jars through the dishwasher to make sure that they are squeaky clean.
HANDY HINT: Sometimes there may be a sticky residue left behind and the best way to remove that is by soaking the jars in really really hot water and dish washing liquid until the water becomes lukewarm and then using a non-scratching scourer just work your way around the jar and the stickiness will remove nice and easy.
Use plain jars from around your home and turn them into Quick Easy Homey Vases. Full tutorial and Supply list | www.raggedy-bits.com
Let the jars completely dry.
HANDY HINT: I usually let the jars dry upside down overnight or if I want to speed up the process I let them dry in the sun or dry them in the oven at a LOW temperature on a baking tray. Be careful when removing from the oven as they may be a tad hot!
Once completely dry I gave the jars 3 coats of chalk paint and let them dry in between each coat.
HANDY HINT:leave the bottom of the jars until last to paint and then flip over and paint so you’re able to stand the bottles up while painting.
Allow the bottles to completely dry. Then using your number stencil and Americana Lamp Black Acrylic Paint stipple your desired numbers onto each bottle.
Once dry using your sanding blocksand back the bottles and numbers in certain area’s to give the bottles that nice distressed look that we all love.
Apply wax to the entire bottle to seal in all of your hard work and embellish the neck of the jars with a cute jute bow.
A quick trip out to your garden for some sweet blooms or a quick visit to the florist pop them in your jars and there you have some Quick Easy Homey Vases all ready to adorn your home or make great Christmas or Birthday Presents for your friends.
Turn plain old boring jars into DIY Homey Vases | www.raggedy-bits.com
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A super easy way to turn jars from around your home into Quick and Easy Homey Vases. Full tutorial and supply list | www.raggedy-bits.com


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    1. Thank you, Toni! Yes I am always looking at things around the house and thinking of what I can do with them!! My hubby things I have 2 heads with some of the ideas that I come up with!! LOL 🙂

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