To Market, to Market, to Market we go!

To Market, to Market, to Market we go!

Raggedy Bits Market Day |
Back when I started Raggedy Bits over 18 years ago, I would often go to markets to sell my goodies. I had hoped that my regular presence would get my name out there and grow my little dream into reality!

Whilst the experience was lots of fun and I met lots of lovely people, not only customers but other stall holders as well, I began to see that my online presence was going nuts and decided to take a step back from the markets.

 I believe this was a blessing in disguise because at the time my two wonderful kiddies were under the age of 5 and to try and keep them occupied sometimes was a BIG job!!
Oh how times have changed!!!!
Raggedy Bits Market Day |

With the kiddies all grown up now and just my husband and I at home, I decided late last year to do what I love the most full time!!
(And yes that’s hubby in the background with his big Cheshire cat smile!!)


So pretty well much every weekend hubby and I pack the up the car and head off to the markets!
Raggedy Bits Market Day |
Already within almost a year we have formed so many wonderful relationships with other stall holders and wonderful customers who come to visit us every market, when we are in their area!
It’s hard work don’t get me wrong and my next step in this dream of mine, is to find a sweet shop to sell all my goodies in. 
I’m sure hubby will be happy too and we might be able to reclaim back some of our weekends. But for now we are happy doing what we are doing.
Here’s where you can find Raggedy Bits on a monthly basis we would love for you to come by and say hi!!
*Glenbrook Rotary Markets
Third Saturday of every Month
*Windsor Mall Sunday Market
Last Sunday of every Month
We also go to other one off markets through out the year which you can find a more up to date Market Calendar on Raggedy Bits website.
While we are on the topic of how times have changed as it does with all things, I thought I would share with you some of my old treasures that I use to paint and just how different my painting style is these days. 
I wonder if this painting style will return as I sure do still have a soft spot when it comes to this sweet prim style!
Prim Sheep Enamel Plate |

Prim Saltbox House Old Bottle |

Prim Sheep and Saltbox House Tins |
Prim Hippity Hop Bunny Tin |
Prim Saltbox Teapot |
Looking forward to what ever changes may happen in the future!
Until next time,

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