17 Farmhouse Decor Ideas

17 Farmhouse Decor Ideas

I am  in the middle of giving my whole entire house a little bit of a spruce up and am totally in LOVE with the Farmhouse Style! I have always been drawn to Primitive Country and as I look around I can safely say I have soooooo much stuff!!! The  decluttering process is amazingly refreshing! So while I have been pondering my changes, which I will share with you in later posts, I have put together a collection of things that are on my inspiration board of 17 Farmhouse Decor Ideas.

A collection of 17 gorgeous Farmhouse Decor Ideas all in one spot |www.raggedy-bits.com

17 Farmhouse Decor Ideas

There are so many wonderful Farmhouse Decor ideas about and I had a REALLY hard time narrowing these items down for this post!! All of these sweet things will slowing be popping up through out my house as I make my little changes!
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Rustic Farmhouse Hooks |www.raggedy-bits.com

1.Farmhouse Rustic Hook

These Farmhouse Rustic Hooks are perfect for a little spot I have under my stairs for us to hang all of our jackets on, rather than throwing them over the railing to the steps that lead upstairs!

Farmhouse Chicken Wire Pendant Light |www.raggedy-bits.com

2.Farmhouse Chicken Wire Pendant Light

These cute Farmhouse Chicken Wire Pendant Lights are going to be perfect for the bedside table lamps I will be making for my daughters room using some re purposed doors.

Farmhouse Wire Wall Storage Bins |www.raggedy-bits.com

3.Farmhouse Wire Wall Storage Bins

These Farmhouse Wire wall Storage Bins are going to be making it into my Craft Studio to help organise and store my craft supplies. They may even make it into our bathrooms as well to hold our hand towels and face washers! They could also be used in the kitchen to store your  fruit and veg! So versatile, which I LOVE! 🙂

Farmhouse Tiered Wood Tray |www.raggedy-bits.com

5.Farmhouse Wooden Tiered Tray

The Farmhouse Wooden Tiered Tray is also going to be making it into my Craft Studio to house all the things that I use regularly, like my jar of wooden pegs, washi tape, jar’s of buttons etc etc. It may even come out of there once in a while to be apart of my table decorations for special occasions!

Farmhouse Tin Chalk Board

6.Set of 3 Farmhouse Tin Blackboards

These little guys are already on their way to my house! And for $12.90 for a pack of 3 who can complain!! These Set of 3 Farmhouse Tin Blackboards are being used for labeling some storage baskets that I have in my 4 Hole Cubby. They also be used for writing little sayings onto them and then hung on the wall to be displayed.

Farmhouse Galvenized Tin Wall Bin|www.raggedy-bits.com

7.Farmhouse Galvanized Wall Tin 

I will enjoy mounting this on my kitchen wall and then FINALLY organising my utensil draw! I’ll be popping all of the things I use regularly into the pockets of this sweet Farmhouse Galvanized Wall Tin 

Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Garden Organiser |www.raggedy-bits.com

8.Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Garden Orgainser

A perfect present for my hubby for Fathers day! He’s forever losing bits and bobs while he’s out doing the gardening, especially the veggie patch. At least with this Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Garden Organiser  he’ll have everything in one spot and on an easy to carry around try! Plus it will look pretty sitting on our potting bench!! BONUS 🙂

Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Tubs |www.raggedy-bits.com

9.Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Tubs

These Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Tubs will be perfect for putting on top of my fridge and keep all of the paper clutter off my bench!

Farmhouse Seagrass Baskets |www.raggedy-bits.com

10.Set of 3 Farmhouse Seagrass Baskets

At least one of these Set of 3 Farmhouse Seagrass Baskets  will sit on my stairs so that during the day as I’m doing my jobs, I can pop anything that belongs upstairs in the basket ready to pick up when I head upstairs and put them all way!

Tiered Galvanised Tin Basket | www.raggedy-bits.com

11.Tiered Galvanized Tin Basket

This beauty will be making it’s way into my kitchen and serving as my fruit bowl on top and my indoor herb garden on the bottom! The Tiered Galvanized Tin Basket could also be used as a sweet garden display with lots of pretty blooms!

Set of 3 Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Canisters | www.raggedy-bits.com

12. Set of 3 Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Canisters

These Set of 3 Farmhouse Galvanized Tin Canisters will be storing all of my smaller kitchen utensils such as cookie cutters, measuring spoons  etc etc.

Farmhouse Galvanized Wall Pocket |www.raggedy-bits.com

13.Galvenized Tin Wall Pocket

The answer to my business filing nightmare! I’ll be using this Galvanised Tin Wall Pocket  to file my receipts in as I get them rather then putting them in a million different places and then wondering where they are when I have to do my book!

Farmhouse Faucet Hooks | www.raggedy-bits.com

14. Farmhouse Faucet Hooks 

These awesome Farmhouse Faucet Hooks will be solving a MASSIVE towel issue we have in our kids bathroom! When they have friends come over to stay there just isn’t enough room to hang all the towels so I will mount these onto a stained piece of pallet wood and problem SOLVED!

Farmhouse Cutlery Carrier |www.raggedy-bits.com

15. Farmhouse Metal Cutlery Caddy

I will be using this Farmhouse Metal Cutlery Caddy to display all of my Vintage Flat wear that I have been collecting over the years! I’m sure I’ll also use it when I have friends and family over for a meal!

"Be" Metal Table Plaque | www.raggedy.bits.com

16. “Be” Metal Table Plaque

I am a true believer in positive affirmation’s and this  “Be” Metal Table Plaque will take pride of place in our lounge room for anyone to see, read and ponder!

Together is the Place to Be Burlap Pillow| www.raggedy-bits.com

17. Burlap Pillow

I have always said “together is the best place to be…” to my kiddies, so this Burlap Pillow  is coming home!

I could keep going and going with all of these awesome goodies I found on Amazon and look forward to showing you my little makeover’s through out my house.


Don’t have time to check them all out now? Be sure to pin for later 🙂

A collection of 17 gorgeous Farmhouse Decor Ideas all in one spot |www.raggedy-bits.com



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    1. Thank you Pili! The metal caddy is awesome and so practical! Thank you for having me and look forward to being apart again next week 🙂

  1. Sam, I hear ya, decluttering is refreshing and great to get some new little decor items, haha! I love everything on your list! EVERYTHING!!! but the chicken wire pendant light is amazing!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up at Sweet Inspiration Sam!

    1. That’s right Katrin! Out with the old and in with the new…. I think that was part of my problem!! Bringing in new goodies and not getting rid of anything = A LOT of STUFF!! LOL Thank you for having me and glad you like my collection 🙂

  2. Good morning
    I enjoyed seeing the great Farmhouse items you have chosen.
    Do you have Walmart in your country? If not I suppose you could order online. They have a great selection of Farmhouse goodies. Prices are very reasonable.

    1. Thank you Treva! No we don’t I’m afraid but have seen some of the AWESOME goodies that you can find there! I have it on my list of must do’s when I come over for a holiday!! I think I may have to hire a truck with all the goodies that I will find and ship it back! LOL Great idea with checking Walmart out online! Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

    1. Me too Janine! There’s just something about it!! Thank you for your sweet comments! <3 Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by 🙂

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