Thank you for stopping by and checking out my very new blog! 
I have been playing around with some graphics on my computer and wanted to start off by sharing them with you!


I have made little cards to be used as a countdown to Valentines Day! You can share them with your honey, kiddies or friends! 
The idea is to fill out each of the cards with something fun to do for the 14 days before Valentines Day (yes sorry I got these up 5 days already into the countdown!!)
It can be as simple as having a coffee with your honey or going on a picnic on the weekend! I have had loads of fun with sharing these with my partner and kids so far! They all look forward to seeing whats coming next!!
I just simply printed them out onto some card stock (preferably a light colour),cut them out, and then using different coloured pens filled them out! I leave them in my partners lunch box or under his pillow! The ideas are just endless!
You could even laminate them and use a white board marker. Wipe them down when you’ve finished using them ready for next year 🙂

Feel free to download and start spreading the love! You’ll find them here!

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