Farmhouse Test Tube Vase Tinker

Farmhouse Test Tube Vase Tinker

KMart Test Tube Vase |
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I had been eyeing off this cute little Test Tube Vase from Kmart for a while! Once I bought them home I just couldn’t help myself and had to have a Farmhouse Test Tube Vase Tinker!

Farmhouse Test Tube Vase Tinker

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Supplies needed:

Make your own DIY Farmhouse Test Tube Vase |

I set to work with my white chalk paint using my small paint brush
and painted the stand that the test tubes are sitting in.
Once dry I sanded back the edges with my 120 grit sand paper block
and also the the other painted areas to let the underneath come back through the white.
Then applied some wax to seal.
Make your own DIY Farmhouse Test Tube Vase |
Then taking my nifty paint marker  I hand drew the numbers onto the glass and allowed the paint to dry.

Handy Hint: Make sure you give the marker a really good shake before using.

Make your own DIY Farmhouse Test Tube Vase |
Then adding some sweet jute bows to the top of each test tube, a splash of water and some gorgeous white flowers my thinker is complete!
Since having a tinker with this one for me, I also made a few for presents to give to my girlfriends which they loved and would also make great a great Teachers present through out the year.
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Make your own DIY Farmhouse Test Tube Vase |


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  1. Great idea! I may have one of those in my stash somewhere! Will have to look for it now. And I love the use of the word "tinker!" never heard it that way before. I've tried to feature everyone today for Let's Talk Vintage, stop by if you can to see yours!

  2. I’m in love with this project which is perfect for someone like me who loves to be crafty but has limited space to do it in. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂 Hope to see you again!

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