DIY Vintage Milk Bottles

DIY Vintage Milk Bottles

See how to turn a plain set of Milk Bottles into cute DIY Vintage Milk Bottles |
I have had a set of these sweet milk bottles in my kitchen for ages now and even though they are super cute, I couldn’t help but feel they needed to be Raggedy Bitzed and thought I would show you how to make some DIY Vintage Milk Bottles.

 DIY Vintage Milk Bottles

DIY Vintage Milk Bottles |

Supplies needed:

Step 1 – Print out the milk bottle labels onto adhesive Kraft paper using your printer.

DIY Vintage Milk Bottles |
Step 2 –  Cut out the labels and stick them to the bottles removing any air bubbles. An old store card is a perfect tool to burnish them and remove the bubbles.
Here are some other fun things that you can do with Vintage labels which I found on another brilliant website, The Graphics Fairy where there are lots of awesome Vintage Style labels for you to use on any craft project!
I had been collecting these jars for a little bit and wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them! The Milk Bottles gave me a little nudge in the right direction! 🙂
Happy Labelling!!

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A super easy project to add some Vintage Farmhouse Charm to some plain milk bottles |  DIY Vintage Milk  Bottles |

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