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5 Fun Easy Projects Using Drop Cloth

Who would have thought that Drop Cloths could be used for more than just paint spills? Sharing 5 Fun Easy Projects using Drop Cloth | Full Tutorials |

Drop cloth has got to be one of the cheapest and easiest materials to use in a project. To cover something, sew with, paint or make something with. And it’s  guaranteed to give you a really lovely Vintage Farmhouse Charm along the way! Sharing 5 Fun Easy Projects using Drop Cloth that you can make […]

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Sisal Rope Love Sign

I have been holding onto this heart sign for EVER! It use to hang in my son’s room when he was little. The teddy that was on the bottom has fallen off over time and a couple of the buttons have fallen off. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it out! I know it’s dated and all that […]

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Simple Ways using Numbers to Decorate

There’s something about numbers and creating little vignette’s around my home that I just love! My kids think that I have need them around so I don’t forget how to count! Kids huh?!? Sharing some simple ways using numbers to decorate around your home to add some numbered farmhouse charm! 

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Vintage Clock Save

After damaging a clock at a market I couldn't let it go to waste. So armed with some mod podge, a script stencil I set about this Vintage Clock save | Full tutorial |

One of the downsides of going to the markets pretty well much every weekend, sometimes my goodies get a little damaged through transport or the elements like the rain and the wind! This happened with this sweet paisley clock. It got a little damp from the rain and some of the paper that it was covered […]

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