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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is a traditional decorating and restoration paint produced by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company Ltd.

It is one of their four painting and finishing lines. The other three being Old Fashioned Milk Paint, Farmhouse Finishes and Eco- Orchard.

The company was founded by Charles Thibeau forty years ago. At that time Charles through experimentation created a successful paint formula based on the early American colonial paints originally used for homes and decorating. The end result is a homemade, long-lasting paint that is perfect for DIY and furniture makeovers. Today his granddaughter Anne Thibeau is the current president and proudly carries on that tradition. 

All Old Fashioned Milk Paint is now owned my Sausha and is continuing on producing Sweet Pickins and prides her paint line on being natural, eco-friendly and rich in colour.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Colours, Prep and Milk Paint Finishes

Having used this type of paint in many of my craft and furniture restoration projects I have developed an easy way to mix milk paints.

What is Milk Paint Used For?

This paint can be used for just about every DIY project. Having its roots in colonial American decoration think wood, plaster, drywall and most other surfaces.

A few of my favourite DIY projects having used these paints include:

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint 

If you enjoy using napkins in your projects and would like to use this paint type, an interesting idea I came across is to Upcycle an Old Box Using Milk Paint and Napkins.

Milk Paint versus Chalk Paint

The major differences between these two paints are that milk paint comes in a powder form that you need to mix with water. It is non-toxic and biodegradable and is super versatile.

Chalk paint comes pre-mixed in a can.

For a more in-depth read into the differences between these two paints types, and Mineral Paint, check out Chalk Paint, Mineral Paint, Milk Paint Differences blog post.