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Dixie Belle - Gilding Wax - Black | #raggedybits #DIY #paint #dixiebelle #gildingwax #black

Dixie Belle - Gilding Wax - Bronze | #raggedybits #DIY #paint #dixiebelle #gildingwax #bronze Dixie Belle - Gilding Wax - Copper | #raggedybits #DIY #paint #dixiebelle #gildingwax #copper Dixie Belle - Gilding Wax - Gold | #raggedybits #DIY #paint #dixiebelle #gildingwax #gold Dixie Belle - Gilding Wax - Silver | #raggedybits #DIY #paint #dixiebelle #gildingwax #silver


Bring a metallic lustre to your piece with Gilding Wax. This oil-based product will radiate across all types of projects and create scintillation on any piece. Use this product on ornate carvings to enhance texture or detail with a metal-like flare.

Add a touch of beauty, shimmer and sheen to your painted projects.  Each colour comes in a 40 ml (1.3 oz) container.

You can apply Gilding Wax with your finger, cloth, sponge or brush.

Let the Gilding Wax dry for 30 – 60 minutes.

Lightly buff after 12 hours to produce a beautiful gilded finish.

If the lid is left off and the material becomes dry, add a little paint thinner or mineral spirits and mix.

Use Gilding Wax in a well-ventilated area.


Available in five colours: Gold, Copper, Bronze, Black, Silver:

Gold: Consider this a pot of gold for furniture detail. This coloured wax gleams of luxury and is bound to cast a glowing shadow on your projects. After using this product, your masterpiece will surely be deemed “royalty”.

Copper: A penny for your thoughts? How about a pot full of pennies? Polished and perfected, this copper metallic wax is the perfect addition for your rustic DIYs.

Bronze: Define your pieces with this rich metallic brown. This luscious wax is ideal for adding natural and aged perfection to a piece.

Black: Accent your pieces with heightened depth or add age using this rich and lavish black wax. Apply to everyday furniture for a timeless and elegant feel.

Silver: Build on additional shimmer and shine by applying this striking silver to your pieces. Leave your pieces looking refreshed and buffed with this silver metallic wax. This wax will add additional bling to anything

Zinc: Cast the essence of the midnight ocean across your piece with this deep and fulfilling colour. This colour is as rich as the seas but it is shown in waves throughout the black tone. Let the depth of the ocean speak within your piece by using this unique wax.

Dixie Belle Paint Company provides a line of chalk mineral paint that is high quality, easy and un-intimidating to use and most importantly priced so every DIYer can create and discover the joy of painting.

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Weight.500 kg
Dimensions11 × 4 × 11 cm

Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Silver