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Christmas Ornament Craft Box

It’s time for November’s DIY Suprise Craft Box! Thank you again so much for being so patient with me. Unfortunately, time has not made it any easier to deal with my dad’s passing and I’m still struggling. Grief is something I have dealt with before but not to this magnitude. It’s been hard to even do the things that come so easily to you every day. My dad has left such a huge hole and I’m very lost without him, but I’m doing the best I can and thank you so very much for being so lovely and kind.

But without further or due let’s get onto creating some fun Ornaments for you to decorate with! Be sure to download your instructions >>HERE<<

Extra Supplies Needed:

Christmas Ornament Craft Box |

Vintage Gingerbread Tin Ornament
This super cute Gingerbread Ornament is going to look super cute hanging on your tree! Would also make a cute tag on a Christmas Present if you wanted to gift it!

Christmas Ornament Craft Box |

Set of 3 Gingerbread Block Ornaments
How cute are these?! These would be perfect for a smaller tree or a large tree!

Set of 3 Snowman, Santa and Ginger Bread Spikes
You can poke these to come out from your Christmas Tree or a Christmas flower arrangement to add a cute whimsical touch.

For our BONUS Friday Craft Night, we are going to make a cute snowman tassel ornament. You can embellish it to make it your own.

Snowman Tassel Ornament Supplies needed:
* Jute
* Small Berry or red button
* Glue Gun
* Jute
* Greenery

Snoman Ornament Tutorial

Take a piece of jute approximately 15cm long and fold it in half to create a loop.

Thread the black bead, black disc and snowman through and tie off at the top to prevent the beads from slipping up. Leave the two longer pieces hanging from the bottom. They will act as the tie to old the tassel in place.

Take a long piece of jute and wrap it around your palm about 16 to 20 times. Slide the loops off pinching, the top of the tassel. Use some more jute and wrap around the top to create the top of the tassel and glue it into place. Firmly tie the tassel onto the base of the snowman beads using the two loose jute strands. Glue some greenery and berries or a red button on the hat and you’re all done!


  • Make sure to give your wood a really good sand to remove any loose wood and give a nice smooth finish.

Don’t forget to share your finished projects or ask any questions in our —-> DIY Surprise Box Creatives Group. Not on Facebook? That’s ok! Feel free to email your finished projects to I sure would LOVE to see them!

Happy Painting and Creating!