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Butlers Tray Makeover

Like with most things that I come across they are dated and looking a little sad and worn. Part of the joy of doing what I do is being able to take these pieces and give them a nice fresh new look so that they can then be used again. With that said I’m sharing how […]

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Thrift Store Napkin Rings

Sharing a super quick idea on how to give dated Thrift Store Napkin Rings a fresh new look. I recently found a set of wooden Napkin Rings at my local Thrift Store and I saw some potential in them and that they could once again be used as what they once were!

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Front Porch Makeover

See how I used lots of repurposed goodies for our Front Porch Makeover | www.raggedy-bits.com

.We have lived in our house for nearly 4 years and the front porch was one of those areas that I was always going to get to but never did!! It kind of had things thrown on there in no order or style for hubby and me to enjoy. So the day came for our much needed front porch […]

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5 Farmhouse Thrifted Finds

When I’m out on my Thrift shop runs I am always on the look out for different things that I can paint or do something to and give nice new farmhouse look. Some days I come home with lots and others not so much but that’s part of of the fun I say! Today I wanted […]

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Rusty Spring Sweet Pea Garden

I have always wanted to make a garden feature out of a rusty old bed and after seeing this X mattress awhile back on the kerbside I couldn’t just leave it there now could I?? So while I waited for the inspiration to strike with what I was going to do with this newly acquired […]

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Free Printable Bingo Cards

I love decorating with numbers and just love the idea of having bingo cards in my displays around my home. Sharing my free Bingo Card Printable | www.raggedy-bits.com

Today is a miserable rainy day here in the Blue Mountains and no good for painting, so I have been having a bit of a Raggedy Bits tinker and making some Bingo Cards! If you have been following me along on Facebook or here on my blog you’ll know that I love decorating with numbers and […]

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DIY Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

My hubby and I have just recently celebrated our First Year Wedding Anniversary! It is so hard to believe that a whole year has already scooted by!! Being the traditional person that I am, the first year theme is paper. So I decided to make hubby a special DIY Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea.

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Granny’s Delicious Banana Cake

Sharing my Granny's Delicious Banana Cake recipe with you. I have so many fond memories making this recipe with my Granny and I hope you will too! |www.raggedy-bits.com

This Banana Cake recipe means the world to me! It was a recipe that my Granny and I use to make when I was a little girl and I have very fond memories of helping her in the kitchen making this recipe together. I know there are a billion banana cake recipes around but today […]

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