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Waste Not Wednesday-11

Welcome back to Waste Not Wednesday-11! Super excited that we are here again to share loads of creativity from so many sweet bloggers!  The beauty about this fun party is that if you have never tried something before and a little nervous there is always a helpful post that can guide you and point you in the […]

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Twinkle Twinkle Kids Table and Chair

One of my most favourite part of furniture makeovers would have to be when working on kids furniture! To see the absolute delight of my  little customers after they see their new chair or table or rocking horse or doll house makes what I do so much special. This was the case with this Twinkle Twinkle Kids […]

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Waste Not Wednesday-10

Vintage Coastal Den which is a feature from Waste Not Wednesday-10 by Indigo & Honey | www.raggedy-bits.com

Welcome back to Waste Not Wednesday-10! Are you all ready to share your latest DIY/Repurposed Home Decor Project with us along with some other amazing bloggers from all over the world? We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to see what you have been up to! Perfectly ok if you’re here to soak […]

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Waste Not Wednesday-9

Welcome to Waste Not Wednesday-9! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your latest DIY / repurposed project with us! It’s crazy to think that we are approaching August already! Is it just me or is everyone finding that this year is going REALLY fast?!! Let’s get busy and see what you’ve been up to this […]

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Waste Not Wednesday-8

Welcome to Waste Not Wednesday-8! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your latest DIY / repurposed project with us! It’s so lovely to see so many new faces joining us each week and I know that I don’t only speak for myself, but also Denise, Toni and Kellie we are tickled pink that our little […]

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Vintage Map Photo Frame

Using a Vintage Map and an old mirror make your very own Vintage Map Photo Frame. Full tutorial | www.raggedy-bits.com

I have accepted a challenge along with some of the most lovely ladies I have met through blogging! Our challenge was to do something with a map. I flipped and flopped between so many different projects and then settled on a Vintage Map Photo Frame.

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