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DIY Door Hanger Box

DIY Door Hanger Surprise Box |


This month’s DIY Door Hanger Box is all about welcoming family and friends into your home. A fun wooden Welcome to Our Home Door Hanger using Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint and stencils.

Feel free to swap around  your colours and make your make them your own. Be sure to share them in our Facebook group so we can see how you have made them yours and inspire others!

Below are the instructions for each project which can be downloaded and printed for you to make your projects at your own pace.


  • Make sure that you give your sign a really good sanding with your sandpaper to avoid bleeding under your stencil.
  • If you are going to have your sign outside exported to the elements you will need to seal it with either a clear wax or a tough coat to protect all of your hard work.


DIY Door Hanger Surprise Box |


You can watch the video tutorial here:

Don’t forget to share your finished projects or ask any questions in our —-> DIY Surprise Box Creatives Group. Not on Facebook? That’s ok! Feel free to email your finished projects to I sure would LOVE to see them! Thank you for being a DIY Box Creative ?


Happy Painting and Creating!