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DIY Creepy Craft Box

DIY Surprise Creepy Craft Box |

I’m so excited to share with you September’s DIY Surprise Craft Box! Spooky season is almost with us and it’s the perfect time to start creating some fun Halloween Decor.

DIY Surprise Creepy Craft Box |

This creepy set of Jack O lanterns make super cute shelf sitters, gift tags or join them together and make a garland or sign.

DIY Surprise Creepy Craft Box |

This set of 3 creepy Mummies is sure to set the mood for Halloween. You can leave them a neutral colour as above or I’ll show you on Tuesday how to make them all grungy with some coffee!

Calico Dyed Tutorial

Jack O Lantern & Mummy Set Tutorial

For our BONUS Friday Craft Night we are going to be making a spooky Twig Bat Tree.

Spooky Bat Tree Supplies needed:
* Black Card Stock
* Bat Template – The smaller bats are for the twig tree and the larger bats can be used for other decorations
* Minny Pegs
* Pencil
* Scissors
* Spooky embellishments that you may like to add to your tree.

For some prep work before our Friday Craft Night feel free to download the bad template
1. Trace the smaller bat template out onto your black card stock
2. Cut them out – How many you will need will depend on how big your branch is.

You can download the bat file here:

Below are the instructions for this month’s projects which can be downloaded and printed for you to make your projects at your own pace.


  • Make sure to give your rounds and wood a really good sand to remove any loose wood and give a nice smooth finish.


Don’t forget to share your finished projects or ask any questions in our —-> DIY Surprise Box Creatives Group. Not on Facebook? That’s ok! Feel free to email your finished projects to I sure would LOVE to see them!

Happy Painting and Creating!