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Up Cycled Farmhouse Cupboard

DIY Farmhouse Cupboard | www.raggedy-bits.com
This sweet cupboard was to cute to just walk past and leave behind at a garage sale that I went to some time ago!!

DIY Farmhouse Cupboard | www.raggedy-bits.com
Firstly I removed the glass panel from inside the door. To do this I used a paint scraper to lever off the frame that was holding in the glass and then carefully removed. I keep these pieces of wood to use later.


DIY Farmhouse Cupboard | www.raggedy-bits.com
Then I went to town applying three coats of my Milk coloured chalk paint, including the wooden frame that was holding in the glass!!Β 
After that had all dried nicely, I then took to the cupboard with my sander using 120 grade sandpaper until I achieved the desired distressness that I love!!Β 


DIY Farmhouse Cupboard | www.raggedy-bits.com

On the inside back of the cupboard using mod podge I applied enough serviettes to cover it. I then let this dry over night. I did get some bubbling and a couple of tears but I don’t mind this as it adds to the effect that I’m after!

The following day I then sanded back the area where I had applied the serviettes and distressed!


DIY Farmhouse Cupboard | www.raggedy-bits.com
I then measured a piece of chicken wire and using my staple gun I then stapled in place. I then reapplied the frame that was holding in the glass originally to secure any sharp edges and also double secure it in place.


DIY Farmhouse Cupboard | www.raggedy-bits.com
With a nice wax inside and out, voila, a sweet Shabby Cupboard!!Β 

Happy DIYing!

Warm Raggedy Blessing!


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  1. Hi Sam! How lovely to find a fellow Aussie linking up at Inspire me Tuesday! This is a gorgeous project and I have an old TV cabinet that I'm looking to fancy up the same way. The serviettes as 'wallpaper' is genius! Love, Mimi xxx

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