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DIY Numbered House Pots | www.raggedy-bits.com
Let’s dive straight into making some cute House Number Pots. I purchased these mint coloured pots some time ago from Kmart to add a bit of colour to our front porch but I just couldn’t help myself and had to add a bit of Raggedy Bits to the pots and decided to paint our house number onto them!


DIY Numbered House Pots | www.raggedy-bits.com
I have loved the idea of having some pots with our house number on them and thought that these would be perfect as they had a flat surface on them.
So I printed out our house numbers using my inkjet printer and traced them onto the surface of the pots using carbon paper and a stylus.
DIY Numbered House Pots | www.raggedy-bits.com
I then mixed Lamp(Black) Americana Deco Art paint with some glass medium which you can find at any hobby shop like spotlight or Lincraft. Using my number 2 round brush I hand painted the numbers onto the pots using the the carbon lines as a guide. I then sprayed the finished pots with several coats of spray varnish. As they are going to get wet due to watering I made sure that I used an out door spray varnish.
DIY Numbered House Pots | www.raggedy-bits.com
I then go busy putting some pretty cottage flowers into the pots and placed them on top of a old upside down coal bucket.
DIY Numbered House Pots | www.raggedy-bits.com
Further to my little front porch make over I found these gorgeous rusty angels (yes I know WAAAAAY to early for Christmas but I couldn’t help myself!! They were just way to cute to leave behind!!) on my latest treasure hunt and they were perfect to display my sweet Tinkered Tin Cans
If you missed how I tinkered with these tin cans just click on the above link!
DIY Numbered House Pots | www.raggedy-bits.com
I love being in the garden creating a special place to be when things are a little topsy turvey in my life. It always clams me and allows me to sort things out in my head!
Until next time,
Warm Raggedy Blessings!

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  1. Those are so cute. My husband drives for FedEx and just the other day he called me with a great idea for a blog post. Pots for the porch painted with house numbers, because he’d seen them at a customer’s house. He said it helps them when they are busy as a second check that they are at the right address ???? I bet they got their idea from you.

    1. Hahhahahhaa!! Yes Toni they must of!! These would be very helpful for your hubby while driving around! I know how hard it is to find some houses when I’m dropping clients furniture back after I have painted it!!

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