DIY Farmhouse Bread Box

 Over the last few months, I have had quite a lot of customers enquiring if I had any bread boxes available! Unfortunately, I had been keeping an eye out for them and never was fortunate to come across any. Then on one of my adventures I came across 2 in one day! So as you can imagine I grabbed them both real quick to give both of them a DIY Farmhouse Bread Box make over!
DIY Farmhouse Bread Box |


DIY Farmhouse Bread Box

I gave the bread box 3 coats of my cookies and cream chalk paint and then lightly distressed using my sander and 120 grit sandpaper.


DIY Farmhouse Bread Box |
I seem to have a bit of a thing at the moment with Typography and printed out the word “Bread” on a piece of A4 paper using my ink jet printer. There are so many wonderful fonts out there at the moment and can be found on dafont or Font Squirrel. In this case I used Simon Script.


DIY Farmhouse Bread Box |
I then traced the word onto the bread box using my stylus and carbon paper. Then using my liner brush I painted the word “Bread” onto the bread box for the thinner parts. For the thicker parts I used my NO3 Round brush. The paint I used was Americana Lamp Deco Art paint  brush for the thicker parts of the word.

After that was completely dried I sanded the word back slightly to allow the white to come through and then sealed the bread box using Feast Watson Mastertouch Natural Wax.

And voila` there you have an up cycled Bread Box all ready to store your fresh bread!

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