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DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy

I am super excited to be joining up with a whole stack of other wonderful bloggers for a Pallet Challenge! The idea is to build something out of a pallet. There are just so many awesome things to make from reclaimed pallet wood but for this challenge, I decided to go with a DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy.

Using an old pallet you can make your very own DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy. Full tutorial |

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

I have been wanting to make a Bath Caddy’s for a while now for my kid’s bathroom but have been so tied up with painting my wonderful client’s furniture that this little project of mine just seemed to be popped on the back burner!

So this Pallet challenge was the PERFECT time for me to make one!

Supplies needed for your DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy:

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  • Pallet
  • Drill/Drill bits
  • Drop saw
  • Screws
  • Sander
  • Tape measure
  • Clamps  (You can get similar one hand clamps from Amazon for $31.70- I picked up my clamps up from Bunnings)
  • Hammer
  • Wood Wedge/Crow Bar
  • Old Door Handle
  • Americana Deco Art Lamp Black Paint
  • No 3 Round Brush
  • Stylus
  • Graphic Paper


Let’s get building!!


DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

First step is to remove 3 of the wood pieces from the front of the pallet.

HANDY HIT: Use a wooden wedge or a crow bar and your hammer to leverage off the wood pieces.

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |


DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Then using your hammer from the pointy end of the nails hammer them out and discard.

HANDY HINT: I always put the rusty nails that I don’t want into an old plastic bottle to discard as I would hate for someone to stand on one!!

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Using your tape measure, measure from one side of your bath to the other, inside the lip (if you have one).

In my case my bath was 670mm wide. Measure out onto your 3 lengths of wood and cut using your drop saw.

HANDY HINT: If your pallet edges of wood have split a little from where you have pulled them off the pallet, just give them a bit of a haircut with your drop saw making sure that you leave enough room for the width of your bath.

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Keep the off cuts for later use and other projects.

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

I decided to cut the corners off to add a bit of character to the bath caddy but you can leave them straight if you wish.

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Taking your clamps, clamp all 3 pieces of pallet together to hold in place to enable you to drill in the braces and prevent from moving.

HANDY HINT: Make sure that you have the wood side that you want to see facing down.

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Taking the off cuts that were set aside before cut them to size. I cut mine to 260mm. Pre-drill 5 holes. Ensure that you don’t go all the way through the bath caddy. I measured the drill bit as to how far I wanted it to go into the caddy and then when tightening the drill bit I lined that point up with the end of the drill. Then screw into place.

HANDY HIT: Always use a drill bit when pre-drilling holes that is the same size as the shaft of the screw that you’re using. This then gives the screw something to grab onto when you’re screwing them in.

To avoid getting any splinters sand the entire caddy and this also then makes a nice smooth surface all ready for you to paint on your words.

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Print out the words that you would like to paint. I used the words Soak, Relax and Enjoy.

Trace onto the wood using graphite paper. Then using your round brush and black paint start painting the words.

HANDY TIP: you want the paint to be a watery consistency but not too much otherwise it will bleed. Practice on a piece of scrap wood.

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Lightly sand back the words and wax to seal. Attach the door handle and wrap around some jute.

You can easy get at least 3 Bath Caddy’s out of one pallet and give away as gifts!

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |


DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy |

Now it’s time to go and run a bath I think!

Please feel free to ask any questions about making this DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy in the comments below!

Happy DIYing!


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Using an old pallet you can make your very own DIY Rustic Pallet Bath Caddy. Full tutorial |


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