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Aussie Stool Makeover

See how I gave an old stool an Aussie Stool Makeover. Joining in all the fun with a Red White and Blue Blog Hop |

When this stool first came to me, it was in need of a fresh coat of paint and some lovin! It was scuffed badly and looked like it had been very well loved before landing in my car! My first initial instinct was to paint it white and then stencil something onto the top. If […]

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DIY Dresser Mirror Hook

A little while back now, I made my Farmhouse Drawer Caddy out of a disappointing find at an online garage sale. But rather than throwing her to the kerb, I decided to try and salvage some of her sweet features. The last piece left was her sweet mirror! So here began my Dresser Mirror Hook project.

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Rocking Horse Makeover

Who else had a rocking horse growing up? My brother and I had a red one and boy did we travel some miles (well pretend miles) with lots of giggles along the way! So when this guy became available at a local online Garage sale, I was instantly taken back to these fun times with […]

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Butlers Tray Makeover

Like with most things that I come across they are dated and looking a little sad and worn. Part of the joy of doing what I do is being able to take these pieces and give them a nice fresh new look so that they can then be used again. With that said I’m sharing how […]

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Farmhouse Towel Rack

A friend of mine was having a little Spring clean and asked me if I could do anything with a quilt rack. As soon as she showed me the cogs in my brain were churning away! The structure was sound but it had a few scratches and water marks, which were all easily fixed. If you’ve been […]

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