Paper Bag Side Table

My hubby and I this weekend just past, headed back to where he grew up in little town with a population of 600, Eugowra NSW.
Eugowra is west of Sydney for those who are a little unsure where it is!
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |


The canola was in full bloom and it sure was such an amazing sight in contrast to the green grass!
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |

Yes that handsome man is my hubby!

DIY Paper Bag Side Table |


To top our drive out there off, the weather was perfect! Bright blue sky’s and there was finally some warmth in the sun after having such a freeeeeezing cold winter!
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |
Spring sure has sprung!
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |
Before we left to come home on Sunday evening my very sweet mum in law gifted me this awesome side table and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |
It involved this amazing paper bag that I had kept from our wedding back in April of this year. I just knew it would come in handy one day and the graphics on it are right up my ally! It actually is a Typo bag!!  
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |


I began my little makeover by cutting out the front of the bag with all the great graphics and then took to the table with my paint brush with my Black Chalkpaint, giving it 3 coats in total.
We had the perfect day here yesterday to do painting as it was super windy and the paint took no time at all to dry!
Then using my sander I distressed the table from top to bottom focusing on the edges as the contrast between the timber coming through against the black really made the piece POP! 
I lightly sanded the edges on the top because I would later need to sand off the edges of the paper bag and didn’t want to take off too much of the black.
I then turned the table upside down and traced on the back of the paper bag around the top of the table leaving about a 5mm edge. Then out came the trusty mod podge. I applied a liberal coat to the back of the bag and also to the table top as the bag is quite thick and I wanted it to really adhere.
Carefully lining up the bag I placed onto the table top and used an old store card and rubbed all over the table top to remove any air bubbles. Once dry I then sanded the edges of the table top which then made it easy to remove the excess paper bag and gave it a nice clean edge. Using Mod Podge again I applied 2 coats to seal the bag, sanding in between each coat.
I also then gave it 2 coats of wipe on poly to give it extra protection as it’s a table top.
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |
On the lower shelf I cut out a Bingo Card and used the same technique as the table top to apply.
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |


I ended up using the wipe on poly for the legs as well so that the finish was uniform. You could use wax if you wanted to.
DIY Paper Bag Side Table |


Who would have thought that a paper bag could bring a side table back to life??!!


Until next time,

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  1. Thank you Liz for your sweet words! I've just popped over to your Blog and low and be hold your in Scotland!! My sweet sister is currently living over there and has just moved from Basingstoke to Edinburgh! I'm looking forward to reading your Blog as it seems we have a lot in common 🙂

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