DIY Vintage Milk Bottles

I have had a set of these sweet milk bottles in my kitchen for ages now and even though they are super cute, I couldn’t help but feel they needed to be Raggedy Bitzed and thought I would show you how to make some DIY Vintage Milk Bottles.
DIY Vintage Milk Bottles |


DIY Vintage Milk Bottles

I remembered seeing on one of my most favorite blogs Knick of Time these awesome milk caps and knew they were going to be perfect for this project!

I printed them out onto adhesive Kraft paper, which you can find on Ebay, using my inkjet printer and then went to town sticking them on to the front of the milk bottles!
Even though they are bottle caps I still think they look great as labels!

DIY Vintage Milk Bottles |
Dress them up with some cool red stripped paper straws and they have added a really nice vintage touch to my kitchen!


Here are some other fun things that you can do with Vintage labels which I found on another brilliant website, The Graphics Fairy where there are lots of awesome Vintage Style labels for you to use on any craft project!
I had been collecting  these jars for a little bit and wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them! The Milk Bottles gave me a little nudge in the right direction! 🙂
Happy Labeling!!
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